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JSDSE-CM will have as its scientific-technological objectives:

  • to promote the creation of knowledge and analysis of the institutions and their determining role in the prosperity or backward state of the regions.
  • development of a methodology of analysis and quantification of the transaction costs inherent to the relationships among the distinct economic agents.
  • application of the proposed methodology to different Communities in order to carry out a comparative analysis.
  • the establishment of research fields in Institutional Economy with the aim of analyzing the efficiency of norms.
  • to create a permanent discussion forum that strengthens the cohesion and complementariness of the participant research groups.
  • the creation of a permanent Observatory of analysis of the norms capable of stimulating economic effects and giving support to political and administrative decision-making.
  • to promote the mobility of the researchers related to the group in order to set up connections and possible joint projects with other groups related to Institutional Economy and the Economic Analysis of Law on an international level.
  • the creation of a post-graduate program, following the new Bologna Agreement guidelines on "Institutional framework and economic growth."
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